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The Petersburg Volunteer Fire Department and First Responders are here for the community
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Bobby Jett, Fire Chief In
Town of Petersburg

Our Volunteer Fire Station, 413 Petersburg, is in the northwestern part of the county, inside city limits. This station was originally established to support the city of Petersburg Fire Department and the citizens of Lincoln County who lived outside city limits. This is now one of 12 stations that make up the Lincoln County Volunteer Fire Rescue.

The fire station offers mutual aid with our neighboring Marshall County and was the first to start running medical calls with licensed individuals. Today we respond to all types of calls including extrication, land or water rescue, and grass fires in addition to traditional firefighting.

Our first piece of equipment was a 1978 “mini pumper” that came from the Forestry Service. Since that time, upgrades have included a 2005 GMC front line Class A Pumper, a 1980 Ford Tanker, and a 1996 Service/Rescue Unit.

We welcome you to stop by if you see us at the station for a visit. We would like to show you around!